The Humor of Tex Avery

Much has been said and written about Tex Avery over the years: from historical articles remembering him as “the creator of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck”, film historians and scholars championing him as “the King of Comedy” and, crucially, as “The Anti-Disney”, and often even as the best animation director of ALL time – barring … Continue reading The Humor of Tex Avery

Fleischer Retrospective – Part 4

By the time the 1940s began, the Fleischers had already lost most of their unique style, “forced” to chase after Disney and, generally speaking, the West Coast style of animation. The Popeye shorts, the closest thing to the old Fleischer style, was mostly taking influence from other comedy masters around the same period such as … Continue reading Fleischer Retrospective – Part 4